Apimell - International exhibition of beekeeping, apiary products, and equipment. Piacenza Expo - Italy - Europe
01 February 2010
01 February 2010
  • Technologies, products and equipment for the installation, management and handling of a beehouse;

  • Technologies and equipment needed for the extraction, ripening, preservation and supply of beehive products;

  • Beehives, uncapping benches, ripeners, honey extractors, wax processing, tools and equipment for professional and hobby beekeeping;

  • Beehive products, polifloral honey, monofloral honey, typical and fine honey, pollen, propolis, beeswax, royal jelly;

  • Byproducts for pharmaceutical, herbal and cosmetic applications;

  • Sanitary products for bee health inspection and treatment;

  • Queen bees and bee swarms;

  • Specialized press;

  • Boards, Associations, Services;